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AeroController™ is the world’s fastest growing online aviation Search Engine and Classifieds Marketplace. Since 2008, we strive to effectively match aviation buyers with sellers globally while at the same time offering great resources and information. Whether you are looking to sell an aircraft, find a new or used aircraft for sale, lease your next adventure, or trade with another aircraft enthusiast, be sure to make AeroController™ Aviation Classifieds your first choice.

AeroController™ Aviation Classifieds

AeroController™ has aircraft for sale from sellers both across the United States and internationally. We’ve partnered with several national listing agencies to provide our visitors with the most complete up to date aircraft listings on the Internet. In addition, private sellers and aviation brokers come to us to list their aircraft for sale so that they can reach the broadest audience possible.

When we started in 2008, we couldn’t have predicted the sheer number of aircraft for sale that were available. From small single engine Cessna 172 to large Boeing 737s, both private and commercial sellers needed a safe, secure, and easy to use online hub to sell their aircraft and find aircraft for sale. Some of our favorites have ranged from vintage 1945 Grummans to immaculately taken care of Gulfstream private jets to especially unique pieces like hot air balloons. Whether you’re looking for a private helicopter for recreational flights on the weekends to the next jet to add to your company fleet, we’ve got something for just about anyone and at any price point!

Be sure to browse through our extensive aircraft listings including Embraer Jets to a wide range of Robinson helicopters for sale to hundreds of Cessna aircraft for sale.

2004 Robinson R44 Raven II - Listing # 1148J
Year: 2004
Model: R44 Raven II
Flight Time: 259
Type: For Sale
Why Buy Used?
Year: 2021
Model: R44 Raven II w/AC
Flight Time: 0
Type: For Sale
2007 Robinson R44 Raven II Helicopter with A/C - Listing # 1298H
Year: 2007
Model: R44 Raven II wtih A/C
Flight Time: 1237
Type: For Sale
2005 Robinson R22 Beta II
Year: 2005
Model: R22 Beta II
Flight Time: 4,400
Engine Time: 4,400
Type: For Sale
2005 Robnson R44 Raven II - Listing # 1183F
Year: 2005
Model: R44 Raven II
Flight Time: 491
Type: For Sale
2000 SCHWEIZER 300CB Helicopter. Excellent !
$186,930 USD
Year: 2000
Model: 300CB
Flight Time: 1885
Engine Time: 12 hrs
Type: For Sale
1999 Robinson R22 Mariner II (OH'd 2011) - L#424AM
Year: 1999
Model: R22 Mariner II
Flight Time: 1977
Type: For Sale

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