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ATR 42 Aircraft for Sale

To see some good examples of ATR 42 Aircraft for sale please click here. ATR is a joint venture between Italy and France and they introduced the 42 model in 1985. This plane is a regional airliner for short haul and has two turboprop engine power units. It can accommodate between 40 and 52 passengers with a standard configuration of 42 seats.

This aircraft is still in production and ATR have already built more than 470. It has sold well in both Europe and North America and continues to be a popular choice today. ATR has a production plant in Toulouse, France where all of the 42 planes have been manufactured so far.

There have been a number of improvements to the ATR 42 since its initial launch. The first production model was the ATR 42-300 that had two PW120 engines from Pratt and Whitney. ATR introduced the 42-320 which had the more powerful PW121 engines to improve performance particularly at altitude.

Then came the ATR 42-400 variant which used propellers with 6 blades which the company sold to governments. An upgraded 42-500 launched in 1995 that included new PW127E engines, a new cabin design and new propellers. The new engines improved the cruise speed of the 42.

In 2007 ATR introduced the 42-600 model which now had PW127M engines and a glass cockpit that had modern LCD screens and a multipurpose computer for safer flying. You can see a number of ATR 42 Aircraft for sale here.

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