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Bell 205 Helicopters for Sale

For some of the best Bell 205 Helicopters for sale please go here. The introduction of the Bell 205 helicopter dates back to 1959. For over 60 years this popular aircraft has been used for a multitude of applications including private transportation, cargo lifting, crop dusting and fighting fires from the air.

The initial demand for the Bell 205 came from the United States Army. Back in the 1950's they needed a utility helicopter and the Bell Helicopter Company came up with an innovative design that included a turbo shaft. The Bell 205 is a derivative of the military version which is the UH-1H.

The very first release was the Bell 205A. This was a single engine helicopter using a T53-11A that could accommodate 14 passengers with a maximum weight of 8,500 pounds. There was also the Agusta-Bell 205 available for either commercial or military use that Agusta manufactured under license in Italy.

There was a 205A-1 variant that used a T53-13A engine for its power and this too could carry 14 passengers but the maximum weight increased to 9,500 pounds. Agusta also produced a 205-1 variant as did Fuji-Bell when they manufactured the helicopter in Japan under license. Fuji-Bell also produced the 205B variant in Japan.

The Bell 205 had a maximum speed of 120 knots with a cruise speed of around 111 knots. It has a maximum range of around 300 nautical miles. This helicopter has a climb rate of 1,755 feet per minute Although production of the 205 stopped in the 1980's there are still many of these helicopters around today.

A number of government organizations in the United States and elsewhere in the world use the Bell 205 for their operations. Fire departments and law enforcement agencies are some of the most common users. Please see our fine Bell 205 Helicopters for sale here.

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