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About Cessna 177

The Cessna 177 was a light single-engined, high-wing general aviation aircraft produced from 1968 to 1978. It featured new technology such as a cantilever wing with a laminar flow airfoil. Besides, the Cessna 177 offered much better upward visibility than a Cessna 172 model because of its steeply raked windshield and more aft-mounted wing. The absence of an obstructing wing support strut also made the Cessna 177 an excellent platform for aerial photography. No wonder the Cessna 177 is so popular in the market now. If you are looking for a Cessna 177 model, check out our full collection of new and used Cessna 177 for sale on AeroController™. Wikipedia

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1976 Cessna 177 Cardinal RG
Year : 1976
Make : Cessna
Model : Cardinal RG 177




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