Cessna 206 Aircraft for Sale

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Cessna 206 Aircraft for Sale

Did you know that the Cessna 206 was first manufactured in 1962, produced until 1986 and then resumed production in 1998. In our extensive listings of Cessna 206 aircraft for sale, you'll find many retro models from private owners to brand new listings and everything in between. In fact, we have hundreds of listings that are updated regularly and can be purchased at a relative bargain!

The single engine Cessna 206 aircraft for sale on our website are great for private companies to expand their fleet, smaller airports to shuttle passengers around, and first time pilots looking to purchase their first personal aircraft. Wherever you fall in that spectrum, we're sure to have exactly the aircraft you're looking for! Often considered to be the SUV of airplanes, the Cessna 206 can be highly customized to make it truly your own or can be upgraded to provide a luxury feel for your clients or weekend getaways! Featuring six seats and plenty of space, there's never been a better time than today to purchase your own Cessna 206! Reaching a max speed of 151kn and a cruising speed of 142kn, a Cessna 206 can fly for over 1,300 kilometers on a single fill up!

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