Cessna Citation Jet Aircraft for Sale

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Cessna Citation Jet Aircraft for Sale

You're a serious business owner. That's why you need a serious business jet for your well established company. Then why not consider a Cessna Citation? As the largest business class jet fleet by any manufacturer, we have several dozen Cessna Citation Jet Aircraft for sale from companies both in the United States and abroad. Many of these are relatively new models, manufactured within the past decade, while several extremely well taken care of vintage models can also be purchased through our dealers and private sellers.

Any of the Cessna Citation Jet Aircraft for sale on our website will make an excellent addition to your private fleet, but they can also be used by smaller airlines as well! Cessna has produced multiple variations of the Citation family since they were first flown in 1969. Even today, they manufacture 8 distinct variations! So whether you want a brand new plane or are looking for something with a little bit of character, our Cessna Citation Jet Aircraft for sale is sure to help you find exactly what you need! So what are you waiting for? Browse through our listings and find your next dream aircraft today! Many of them are available for immediate purchase!

2014 Cessna Citation
Year: 2014
Model: Cessna Citation
Type: For Sale
1986 Citation S/II , Fresh Duncan Inspections!
Year: 1986
Model: S/II
Flight Time: 8392
Engine Time: 8152
Type: For Sale
2009 Cessna Mustang Fresh Hots by PWC! US SNEW, CE
Year: 2009
Model: Mustang
Flight Time: 1787
Engine Time: 1787
Type: For Sale

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