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de Havilland DHC-8 Aircraft for Sale

Please look at our fine selection of de Havilland DHC-8 Aircraft for sale here. From 1984 to this day, de Havilland have produced the DHC-8 which is commonly referred to as the Dash 8. These planes are powered by turbo prop engines and classified as regional airliners. More than 1,250 DHC-8 planes have been produced to date.

The DHC-8 has a large T-Tail which helps to reduce the amount of prop wash when the aircraft takes off. It has a pointed nose and one of the highest aspect ratio wings. Although the DHC-8 is not really a STOL plane it can operate well on shorter runways that are a minimum of 3,000 feet in length.

The first DHC-8 was the Series 100 that could accommodate between 37 and 39 passengers and was fitted with PW120 engines and later PW121 engines. Then came the 101 variant with increased takeoff weight, the 102 that used PW120A or PW121 engines and the 103 variant which used PW121 engines.

In 1995 the Series 200 appeared and these had more powerful engines using PW123, PW123C and PW123D units. Series 300 had a larger passenger capacity of between 50 and 56 thanks to the stretched airframe. There were also increased payload and interior improvements with the 300 Series.

With the Series 400 the plane was stretched again to accommodate between 68 and 90 passengers. Series 400's used the more powerful PW150A engines which increased cruise speed. Please see our fine examples of de Havilland DHC-8 Aircraft for sale here.

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