Embraer EMB-120 Jet Aircraft for Sale

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Embraer EMB-120 Jet Aircraft for Sale

Here you can see a good selection of Embraer EMB-120 Jet Aircraft for sale. Brazilian company Embraer introduced the EMB-120 model in 1985. This plane is designated as a commuter airliner and derives its power from two turboprop engines. Production of the EMB-120 ceased in 2001.

This popular jet sold mainly in the United States and Western Europe. The first version of this plane was simply called the EMB-120 with no letter suffix. After this Embraer introduced the EMB-120ER which was an extended range variant. The 120ER also had increased capacity.

Next came a full cargo version of the EMB-120 with the suffix FC. A quick change cargo version then appeared known as the EMB-120QC. The EMB-120 RT was a transport version of the plane. Embraer also produced a VIP variant made exclusively for the Brazilian Air Force called the VC-97.

The EMB-120 can accommodate two pilots, a flight attendant and up to 30 passengers. Different variants used different turbo prop engines which were the PW118, the PW118A and the PW118B from Pratt and Whitney. Propellers on the EMB-120 were of the 4 blade variety.

At 20,000 feet the EMB-120 has a maximum speed of 378 miles per hour. Cruise speed is around 343 miles per hour. EMB-120 range is around 1,090 nautical miles depending on the amount of passengers. Maximum takeoff weight is 24,800 pounds. You can see great examples of Embraer EMB-120 Jet Aircraft for sale here.

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