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Eurocopter AS 355 Helicopters for Sale

For a selection of fine Eurocopter AS 355 helicopters for sale please click here. The light utility Eurocopter AS 355 twin engine helicopter was first introduced in 1979. Aerospatiale in France initially developed and made the helicopter and they called it the Ecureuil 2 which means "Twin Squirrel" in French.

The AS 355 is derived from the AS 350 which has a single engine. In the United States the AS 355 was called the TwinStar. Production of the AS 355 ceased in 2016. First production version was the AS 355E which has two turbo shaft 250-C20F engines from Allison. Then came the AS 355F featuring dual hydraulics and a weight increase to 5,070 pounds.

There were two armed versions of this helicopter which were the AS 355 M and M2. The AS 355 N Ecureil 2 featured twin Arrius 1A Turbomeca engines and a FADEC system. This enabled improved performance and maximum takeoff weight. In 2007 the AS 535 NP Ecureil 2 launched and had improved Arrius 1A1 engines and an enhanced gearbox which increased maximum takeoff weight to 6,173 pounds.

Several aftermarket conversions exist for the AS 355 and these include the Heli-Lynx FX1, FX2 and FX2R and the Starflex F1R and F2R. Several government organizations use the AS 355 including the military. It's also used for charters and training and by law enforcement agencies.

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