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Eurocopter AS 365 Helicopters for Sale

If you want to see some fine examples of Eurocopter AS 365 helicopters for sale please use this link. Eurocopter (formerly Aerospatiale) introduced the AS 365 helicopter in 1978. They called it the Dauphin (French for dolphin) and it was a twin engine helicopter in the medium weight class designed for a multitude of applications.

This helicopter is still in production today. There was strong demand for the Dauphin 2 from the commercial world as well as the military and other government organizations. Customers liked the long range of this helicopter and its ability to fly in different climates including significant altitudes and ambient temperatures.

Twin turbo shaft Turbomeca Arriel engines powered the original AS 365's and later on FADEC units were added which provided more functionality such as a training mode and an automatic startup sequence. A single pilot can fly the AS 365 using instrument flight rules even though it has dual flight controls.

The cabin of the AS 365 is configurable. In the standard setup it can accommodate two pilots and 12 passengers and in VIP mode two pilots and 7 passengers. You will see A 365's used for search and rescue as well as for emergency medical services. There have been several variants to the original AS 365 which include engine upgrades and other improvements.

Commercial operators, the military and governments all around the world trust the Eurocopter AS 365. It is a very reliable helicopter and has been very successful. Here are some Eurocopter AS 365 helicopters for sale.

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