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Eurocopter Bo 105 Helicopters for Sale

We have some good examples of Eurocopter Bo 105 Helicopters for sale here. The Eurocopter Bo 105 helicopter hit the market in 1970. This was a revelation as it was the first helicopter with twin engines that could perform inverted loops and other aerobatic maneuvers.

The Bo 105 is a light helicopter designated as general purpose. It has a unique hingeless rotor system that was revolutionary at the time. When it was introduced, the Bo 105 had a higher cruise speed than other helicopters in its class and the load capacity of the aircraft was good.

Pilots that flew the Bo 105 raved about its controls that they described as being very responsive. The handling of the helicopter was so good that it was easy for pilots to make it do loops, rolls and turnovers. Being a lightweight helicopter and also having twin engines provided the necessary power for rapid ascents etc.

There are numerous variants of the Bo 105. First came the Bo 105A that had twin 250-C18 turbine engines. In 1972 the Bo 105C arrived this time with 250-C20 engines. Then came the Bo 105CB and Bo 105CBS that had an extended fuselage. The next variant of significance was the Bo 105OLS A1 which featured 250-C28C engines.

There were over 1,500 5 seater Bo 105's built and production halted in 2001. Many of these helicopters are still in service today and they are a sought after aircraft. We have a fine selection of Eurocopter Bo 105 Helicopters for sale here.

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