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Eurocopter EC 130 Helicopters for Sale

Here you will find a selection of fine Eurocopter EC 130 Helicopters for sale. In 2001 Eurocopter introduced the EC 130 helicopter. This light, single engine, utility helicopter was developed from a previous model – the AS350. The new EC 130 replaced the conventional rotor in the tail of the AS350 with an anti-torque Fenerston setup.

So far, Eurocopter has built more than 700 EC 130 helicopters and production continues today. The main rotor has three blades and automatically varies dependent on flight conditions. This helicopter uses a turbo shaft Turbomeca Arriel 2D engine for its power and there are a number of safety and operational improvements over the previous model.

There is room for a pilot and 6 passengers in the EC 130 helicopter with a seating configuration of 2 passengers at the front and 4 at the rear. At a push, 3 passengers can sit at the front with 4 at the rear making 7 in total. Many claim that the EC 130 has the biggest cabin in the single engine class.

Maximum takeoff weight for the EC 130 is 5,531 pounds. When the helicopter is empty it weighs 3,036 pounds. Fuel capacity of the EC 130 is 140 US gallons and the range of this helicopter is 330 nautical miles. It can climb at a rate of 1,800 feet per minute and the recommended cruise speed is 150 miles per hour.

The model at launch was the EC 130 B4 and this was followed by an upgrade variant the EC 130 T2. The T2 has a more powerful engine and air conditioning. Please see our fine selection of Eurocopter EC 130 Helicopters for sale here.

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