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Eurocopter EC 155 Helicopters for Sale

Here you will find some great examples of Eurocopter EC 155 Helicopters for sale. Eurocopter launched the EC 155 in 1995. This helicopter has two engines and can carry one or two crew and up to 13 passengers. It has a number of different applications including medical transportation, passenger transportation and providing offshore support.

The EC 155 has over 30% more passenger space and an increased baggage hold of 130% over previous Dauphin models. There is a Spheriflex 5 blade main rotor and a Fenestron enclosed tail rotor which helps to reduce the vibration levels significantly. Two turbo shaft Turbomeca Arriel 2C1 engines power the helicopter.

The first model produced was the EC 155 B which was later followed by the EC 155 B1 that featured more powerful turbo shaft Turbomeca Arriel 2C2 engines. There was an increase in maximum takeoff weight as well with the B1. An early military variant of the EC 155 was the AS565 UC.

Maximum takeoff weight for the EC 155 is 10,847 pounds with the helicopter weighing 5,772 pounds when it is empty. It has a length of 46 feet and 11 inches and a height of 14 feet 3 inches. Diameter of the main rotor is 41 feet 4 inches. The range of the EC 155 helicopter is 463 nautical miles.

Climb rate for the EC 155 is 1,750 feet per minute and it has a never to be exceeded speed of 210 miles per hour. Private individuals, companies and governments (for law enforcement and military applications) use the EC 155 all over the world. You can see some great Eurocopter EC 155 Helicopters for sale here.

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