Aircraft Interior and Upholstery Jobs

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Aircraft Interior and Upholstery Jobs

With new aircraft being built all of the time there is a need for specialists that can fit out interiors including upholstery. It is not only the building of new aircraft that requires these skills – older aircraft often need re-fits and maintenance work to bring the interiors up to scratch.

There are several different aircraft interior and upholstery positions usually available and these will likely include:

  • Interior installers
  • Cabinet makers
  • Cabinet finishers
  • Upholstery technicians and experts

You can find the latest aircraft interior and upholstery jobs here. If you have these skills then you will find that the pay and conditions in the aviation industry are better than most. There are likely to be other benefits from working for a major aircraft manufacturer as well such as life and health insurance.

There is usually strong demand for aircraft interior installers and upholstery specialists so you should be able to find a position that suits you in an area where you are happy to work. The work can be very physical and demanding and you will have to handle the tight deadlines imposed by your employer.

But being a aircraft interior installer or upholstery technician is a rewarding job. You will earn a good rate of pay and will be making a contribution to how customers perceive the airlines that they are paying to travel with.


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