Avionics Technician Jobs

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Avionics Technician Jobs

As an avionics technician you will be responsible for the installation and maintenance of aircraft. This can be helicopters or fixed wing planes. Your responsibilities include ensuring that aircraft components are working properly are clean and in a good state of repair. There are a number of avionics technician jobs available here.

The work of an avionics technician is highly skilled. Aircraft are complex and you need to ensure that they are within extreme tolerances. A number of avionics technicians perform inspections in line with guidelines from the FAA and make any necessary adjustments and repairs to ensure that aircraft are compliant.

These days many aircraft have avionics electronic systems and a competent avionics technician will ensure that the computers which control everything are working correctly. Avionics systems are complex and include engine control, flight controls and essential functions such as radio and navigation.

You will normally work in aircraft hangers or repair stations as an avionics technician. It can be a high pressure job as airlines want to stick to demanding schedules so that they do not cause their passengers any inconvenience. Around the clock shifts are a common thing for avionics technicians rather than set hours. The pay is generally good for this job.


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