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Flight Nurse Jobs and Flight Paramedic Jobs

Having a job as a flight nurse can be very rewarding. The annual salary is often around $70,000 and it is satisfying to know that passengers on an aircraft rely on your skill and judgment to overcome any medical problems. You can see a number of flight nurse jobs and flight paramedic jobs here.

Flight nurse positions can take a number of different forms. You may find yourself alone taking care of patients that are being air transported to hospitals and emergency centers. This is often done by helicopter but can include jets and propeller planes as well. Sometimes you will be a key player in a small emergency medical unit.

As a flight nurse you can literally save lives. You actions in the air can mean the difference between life and death. It can be very challenging and stressful as you will often need to make decisions very quickly for the benefit of the patient. The pressure on a flight nurse can be intense but it is a very satisfying career.

The demand is increasing for flight paramedic nurses now since the Covid-19 outbreak. People that have to fly are usually concerned about the threat of the coronavirus and a flight paramedic nurse plays a very important role here.


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