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Aviation Management Jobs

There are usually a lot of aviation management jobs available and you can see all of the current job openings here. The aviation industry needs good managers just as any other industry does to ensure optimal performance and determine strategy for the future direction of the industry.

There are numerous management roles in the aviation industry. At the top end there are senior positions on the board of airlines and at the lower end there is a need for good team leaders and supervisors that keep everything running like clockwork.

The amount of pay varies depending on the type of management position. If you land a management job with a commercial airline then you can expect to receive a very good rate of pay and a good benefits package as well. The type of job that you can get will rely on the experience, skills and qualifications that you have.

The type of aviation management positions available will almost certainly include:

  • Directors
  • Team leaders
  • Supervisory roles
  • Department managers
  • Safety managers
  • Inspectors
  • Project managers

So if you have a yearning to manage a busy airport or lead a team of aviation engineers then there are likely to be positions available. Aviation management jobs are usually very demanding and can be very stressful. Airlines work to tight deadlines and schedules and if you have an operational role then you will need to motivate your team to deliver.


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