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We get it: you're a hunter. The single most important thing that gets you up each and every morning is that drive to find your next high profile sale. It's deep in your blood and no matter the industry, you've always searched for and apply to sales jobs because you simply enjoy it too much not to!

So why not consider sales jobs in the aviation industry? After all, if you're going to go big (and as a salesperson, you always aim to do exactly that!), then there's nothing bigger than aviation sales jobs! From managing the sale of large aircraft to dealing with various parts suppliers to making critical decisions on who your company is going to deal purchase from, aviation sales jobs are the place to be if you're looking for the ultimate in job satisfaction!

For many of these opportunities, previous sales experience can be helpful but not always required. After all, some of the positions will deal with logistics, have regular customer and buyer contact, and deal with the one thing you enjoy most: building relationships. As you're considering your next career transition, take a look through the opportunities we have listed from our partner JSfirm.


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