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UAV Jobs and UAS Jobs

UAV jobs are the ultimate experience. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles has a sense of forward thinking, future oriented opportunities and we're excited to bring our readers with the latest in this amazing field. UAV jobs are varied and include working for just about any type of employer. If you have a background in FAA commercial certificates or with ground control systems, then we highly recommend you consider taking a look at the various UAV jobs we have listed on our website! Opportunities are opening up all across the United States so check back frequently so you don't miss out on your dream UAV job!

And as a similar but related field, UAS jobs are an equally amazing opportunity right now with the shift in unmanned aviation systems. These individuals are responsible for the troubleshooting of malfunctions in aircraft structure, landing gear, surfaces, controls, engines and more! If you have a background in mechanical component troubleshooting, then your next career may be one of the UAS jobs we've listed on our website through our partner JSfirm. It's often helpful to have completed specialized supplemental courses in aircraft structural repair, so if this sounds like you, take a look through what we have available and apply today!


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