10 Reasons Buying a Plane Can Help Your Business

Depending on the nature of your company’s business travel, airfare expenses can make up a large part of your annual ledger. One way to minimize this is to purchase your own aircraft. While the specific option you choose will vary based on your needs, regardless of what you buy here are 10 reasons buying a plane can help your business.

1. Multitasking

For any business owner who has chartered a private plane before, you’ve experienced the convenience of having business meetings while traveling. Whether intracompany strategy meetings or with clients, the ability to kill two birds with one stone with a private plane cannot be understated.

2. Ease of access

Some locations do not have direct access to larger international airports. Other remote locations can be challenging with multiple connecting flights. Smaller airports vastly outnumber their international brethren, so with a smaller plane you’re able to more easily access regions of the country you might have a harder time getting to while traveling commercial.

3. Clients

Nothing quite demonstrates your commitment to your business than picking up your clients in a company plane. Impress your clients (and potential customers) while at the same time providing them with both convenience and luxury.

4. No layovers

Charter airplane pilots can tell you that one of the biggest advantages they have over commercial flights is the lack of layovers. Because you’re flying direct from your starting location to your destination, there’s no need for layovers — ever.

5. Speed, part 1

Did you know that, with a company plane, there really isn’t any waiting in line or arriving hours ahead of your departure time? Just like with charter flights, you can be in the air within a matter of hours and be more efficient overall with your company travel such as not having to wait on luggage loading and unloading.

6. Speed, part 2

Leading off of that last point, it’s far easier to make on-the-spot changes to your travel itinerary with a company plane than any other form of travel. For example, while in the air you may become aware of a problem that needs your immediate attention — say, at a client’s factory. It’s easy to divert your route to accommodate their needs and provide them with superior customer service if you’re flying in a company aircraft.

7. Convenience

Even when flying first class, commercial air travel can be an inconvenience. From having to arrive 2+ hours before your departure to unexpected delays, when you own the plane, well, you’re the one in charge of it!

8. Tax breaks

Did you know that there are some specific tax breaks you can claim for buying a company plane? While it’s always best to talk to an accountant, keep in mind tax breaks such as amortization schedules as well as fuel and maintenance costs.

9. Build connections

This is a point that we cannot emphasize enough: when your company owns a plane, it gives you travel flexibility and allows you to have face time with clients you might not normally get a chance to ever meet.

10. Family matters

Although a relatively minor point, this is still one worth mentioning. Because company benefits include access to a private plane, your family can also benefit from traveling with you. Let them see the world while you’re building connections across the globe!

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