5 Signs You Need to Buy a New Aircraft

It’s a well-known phenomenon that people (especially men) tend to bond on an emotional level with their machines. You see that everywhere among car owners, sailors, and yes, pilots. Every person who flies their own planes can get very attached to their “machine” to the point that they simply refuse to replace it with a new one. But sometimes you have to accept the reality that a replacement is in order. Here are some signs that may indicate you need to buy a new aircraft:

  1. Your situation and your needs are different now. Situations change all the time. Maybe you moved to a new location and that means the distance to your mother-in-law’s house is greater. Perhaps you now have more kids that you need to take with you in the air. Situations like these determine what kind of plane you need to buy and they also determine whether or not you should keep your current plane.

  2. You have the money and you want something better. If you’ve been saving up lately or you have some extra money, then it’s natural to think about something better to fly. People upgrade their cars when they can afford it, and the same principle applies to private aircraft. Perhaps you want something that can get you faster from one place to another, or you just want something “sexier”. If you’ve got the money, you can (or even should) get a better plane.

  3. You need the money. Conversely, you can get a cheaper aircraft that costs less to buy and fly, and then sell your more expensive aircraft. You still get to fly, but you will also get some extra money in your pocket as well.

  4. Your plane has become too expensive to maintain. Old planes, like old cars, tend to require a lot of expensive maintenance. This applies to the most-well maintained planes, and for real lemons the cost of repairs can be debilitating. Who needs that kind of headache? If your plane seems like a mainstay in repair shops and won’t fly when you want to every time, then you need to bid sayonara to that sucker.

  5. A new plane is much more cost-effective than getting exorbitant upgrades. Aircraft upgrades can be very expensive, and often you may discover that you won’t be able to recoup your investment. Some of the newer gadgets may even prove impossible to install on your craft. If you really want these newer features and avionics then you need to get a new aircraft.

There’s another sign that may also mean that it’s time to buy a new aircraft and that’s when you feel bored when you fly. It may not be enough of a reason to spend a fortune on a new plane, but if you can’t get excited anymore when you fly then something does need to be changed.

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