If you are looking for a great job in the aviation industry then you need to use the best aviation jobs website to find what you want. There are a number of aviation job sites out there and as you would expect some are better than others.

Some of the larger general job websites will have some aviation jobs listed. The problem is that these job sites are usually very crowded and it is often difficult to find the specific job that you are seeking on them.

It is better if you focus your efforts by using the leading aviation job boards. With these websites you will only see aviation jobs listed which makes it a lot easier for you to find your dream job.

The sites that we will discuss below are all aviation industry specific but some of them are specialty sites such as a pilot job board or employment opportunities for executives in the aviation industry.

AeroController™ Aviation Jobs


AeroController™ Aviation Jobs | JSfirm

We have our own very successful aviation jobs section where you can find the most up to date listings of positions available in the industry. Many people have used our aviation job search to find the job that they really wanted. These jobs are from our aviation jobs network partner JSfirm.com - the fastest growing aviation job board with free access for job seekers. It is the go to source for aviation companies to advertise jobs and search resumes, and has exclusively served the aviation industry for over 20 years.

On our aviation jobs section you will find positions available in the following categories:

Within each category you will see a list of available jobs and you can click on the title for more details. You will see a detailed description of the job and any specific job requirements. There are statistics available to show you how many views the job has had so you can assess the competition.

You can make an application online straight from the job listing. It really couldn’t be easier. Jobs go fast when they are listed in the AeroController™ aviation jobs section. We upload new jobs all of the time so you need to check our aviation jobs section regularly for the best opportunity.

Check out the AeroController™ Aviation Jobs Section


Aero Industry Jobs

This is an aviation jobs website that brings employers and job seekers together. The focus of the site is for those that are looking for careers in the defense, aerospace and composites industries. You can post job vacancies as an employer or if you are a job seeker then you can search jobs and see all vacancy listings.

On the home page of the website there is a “featured jobs” section where employers can pay a premium to list a job there. If you want to see all of the available positions then you can click on the “see all jobs” button.

There is a useful search facility which allows job seekers to enter a job title or specific keywords to find a job and they can also enter their location. All available jobs have comprehensive descriptions explaining the primary responsibilities and any specific job requirements.

This is a quality aviation job board but it does not have as many jobs available as some of the others do. You can establish an alert to be notified when a job that suits your requirements is available. Check out the Aero Industry Jobs website.


American Association of Airport Executives

As the name suggests, this is an aviation jobs site dedicated to vacancies in public airports for management personnel. If you want to be part of an airport management team in the United States then this is the best website to visit to see what positions are currently available.

There is a good search feature where you can enter in specific details to find the job that you want. You need to enter the following information to get the best results:

  • Keywords for the job
  • Location
  • Category – there are several categories available in a drop down and you need to choose the one which is the most closely related to the job you want
  • Type – full time, part time or temporary positions
  • Level – experienced, entry level or internship
  • Education – just select your education level

You are not going to find hundreds of job vacancies on this website. It is specifically targeted to those that want a career in the management of public airports. There are always some jobs available in airports across the United States.

If you are looking for management positions with public airports then you need to check out the American Association of Airport Executives website.


AV Jobs

AV Jobs always has a lot of aviation jobs available. They provide job listings in the industry across the world and at the time of writing this post they had over 47,000 positions available in over 1200 worldwide locations posted by more than 1400 companies.

If you are looking for an aviation job in the United States you will see the positions available in each state on the home page which makes things easier for you. Also on the home page you will see the most popular companies that are hiring and a few of the most recent aviation job listings.

The job search feature on AV Jobs is free for the first 30 days. After that you will have to pay $14.99 each month for the standard job search functionality. There are other services available like the resume hosting service for $7.99 a month and the advanced search service which will cost you $29.95 per month.

There are a number of useful features that will help you to find the right job in the aviation industry including:

  • Unlimited access to all job postings
  • Alerts for specific jobs
  • Exclusive job search features
  • Ability to connect with hiring managers
  • Tracking of resume views and applications
  • Tailored profile
  • Resume creation
  • Interactive practice interview online

There is no doubt that AV Jobs has a comprehensive database of aviation jobs but you will have to pay to search through them after a month. Check out the AV Jobs website.


Aviation Job Net

The Aviation Job Net website has been around for a while and they claim that they have the largest selection of aviation jobs available. It is a free platform that on average posts around 40,000 new aviation jobs each month from over 8,000 employers in the United States.

It is easy for you to find the aviation job that you are looking for using the sophisticated search feature within Aviation Job Net. You can also create fully customized alerts so that you receive immediate notifications when a job you are specifically interested in becomes available.

There are several different search parameters you can use to find the right vacancies which include:

  • Salary range
  • Location
  • Experience requirements
  • Employer type

It is easy for you to apply for jobs on the site too. Just create your profile and when you make each application key information from your profile pre-populates. Aviation Job Net claim that they will then promote your job application using their sophisticated system.

This is a good aviation jobs board and you should be able to find a whole host of vacancies across the United States. Check out the Aviation Job Net website.



Avianation is an aviation jobs board that launched back in 2002. They have vacancies in the aviation industry for:

  • Flight attendants
  • Mechanics
  • Pilots
  • Airline personnel

There are more job categories as well which we will take a look at in a moment. If you are looking for a job in the aviation industry then you can create a public profile with Avianation and then upload your resume. It is free to search for jobs and you can also setup alerts using keywords for specific jobs.

Avianation charges employers for making job postings. At the time of writing this post the cost was $90 per month and they have a number of bulk job posting packages on offer. Employers can also pay to be “featured”.

There are a lot of categories available on Avianation and these include:

  • Airlines
  • Aviation education
  • Avionics
  • Cabin crew
  • Customer service agents
  • Flight attendants
  • Flight instructors
  • Line service
  • Management
  • Mechanics
  • Pilots
  • Ramp agents

When you visit the home page you will see a list of the most recent aviation jobs posted. By clicking on the job title you will go to a page with a full description of the job and the responsibilities together with any experience and skills requirements. You can apply for each job directly from these pages.

You can use the search function to look for specific jobs using keywords, categories, your location and the distance you are prepared to travel. This is a good aviation jobs website and you should check out Avianation for your next job in the industry.


Looking for an Aviation Job? What you need to do next ...

We recommend that you check out the AeroController™ aviation jobs section first as we have thousands of job listings that are updated all of the time. The other aviation jobs websites are good but check to see if you have to pay to look for jobs before you start to use them.

Only use aviation jobs sites that you can trust. All of the aviation jobs websites in this post are honorable and you will be safe using them. You may find smaller aviation job boards by searching but you never know if you can trust these websites with your personal information.

It is far better to use specific aviation jobs websites than the huge job sites that cater to every industry. You will find it a lot easier and quicker to find positions that you are interested in by using the industry specific job sites. We wish you good luck searching for your dream aviation job!

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