Buy a Used Cessna 182 for Sale and Have a One-of-a-Kind Family Fun

1956 was a banner year for Cessna. This was the year they launched the 172, and in the same year they also introduced the 4-seater Cessna 182 Skylane. The 182 was the burly big brother of the 172, and like its sibling it offered the same sort of simplicity that seemed apt for beginners. It was just as comfortable, and it provided the same ease of handling that made the 172 a best seller.

However, the Cessna 182 offered greater speed and a much better performance at high altitude. Flying hot and high became a breeze, mountain flying presented no difficulties, and on cross-country trips it offered a decent cruising speed of about 150 mph. The design of the Cessna 182 was so optimal that during its 30-year production run from 1956 to 1987 Cessna basically kept the same powerplant and incorporated only cosmetic changes every year.

Cessna then reintroduced the new generation 182 in 1997, called the 182S. This new design is basically the very same airplane as its predecessor, with just a few changes.

Cessna 182 Specs and Stats

The styling of the new Cessna 182 is a bit different from the old one. Aside from that, it also features a Lycoming IO-540 with 230 HP instead of a Continental engine. You now have leather seats, and you can put in a couple of children’s seats in the baggage area. You also get a more sophisticated King digital avionics stack as standard.

In 2001, a turbocharged model was launched, and in 2004 the Garmin G1000 became standard equipment.

The Cessna 182 has a useful load of about 1,140 pounds, so that should be enough to ferry four people and even some luggage. Its cruising speed is about 145 knots (approximately 167 mph) while using up 15 gallons per hour. Its maximum speed is at 150 knots (173 mph). Its range is about 1,070 miles.

Pros and Cons of Cessna 182

All in all, it’s the perfect plane for the family or group of friends who like to travel to some far-flung places in comfort and style. In fact, it’s a joy to fly and ride, and maintaining it is no problem as well.

Perhaps the only impediment to owning a new generation used Cessna 182 is the price, but then again even the older versions are worthwhile.


Cessna 182 Buying Tips

The price of a used Cessna 182 for sale will of course depend on its flying hours. But on the average, you may want to save approximately $160,000 for a ’97 or ’98 new-generation 182S. The 182T made from 2001-3 will cost anywhere from $200,000 to $220,000, while the early G1000 182 made in 2004-5 will range from $235,000 to $250,000.

For the 2008 model with the glass panel, figure about $370,000. Try to buy a Cessna 182 with the optional equipment already installed, such as the weather downlinks, traffic avoidance, and XM stereo.

If you plan to buy a Cessna 182, your best course of action is to get the Cessna 182 Buyer's Guide by John Frank. You may also want to consider joining the Cessna Pilots Association as well. The association can help you track down a good used Cessna 182 for sale, and the book will help you get the right price.

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