How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Private Airplane

Anyone who watched TV in the 90’s should remember the show Wings. The show revolved around two brothers who owned their own airline company on Nantucket Island. Effectively, Joe and Brian Hackett ran a charter aircraft company, flying their customers to and from their island. For various reasons (in the case of the show, location), a charter flight might be the better option for consumers. So how much does it cost to charter a private airplane?

Why would you charter in the first place?

As we mentioned earlier, on the TV show they lived on a relatively small island with a modest airport. Because of their location, it made more sense for flyers from the mainland to charter a plane than to take a ferry.

Besides location, time savings is often the number one reason to charter a private airplane. Whereas most people will arrive at an airport at least two hours before departure, charter flights allow you to arrive much closer to your actual departure time.

There are also far more locations to land a charter plane than commercial aircraft. Some estimates put the number of small, regional airports at 10 times the number of larger ones. This means you can land much closer to your intended destination.

Finally, when you charter a private airplane, you have a much more private experience. You can hold business meetings with co-workers without worrying about leaking trade secrets. Or, if you’re flying recreationally, you can have one-on-one family time that you wouldn’t experience while flying commercial.

Are charter flights faster?

In a word, yes! Often, you can book a charter flight and be in the air within a few hours. Also, because your flight is based on your personal (or business) needs, you can get to your destination faster. Layovers are rarely a consideration, so you’ll be flying direct from your starting location to your destination. Plus, you can disembark quicker and get on your way faster because you don’t have to deal with traditional airport luggage headaches.

How do private pilots calculate costs?

In a previous blog, we mentioned that pilots think about fuel costs in gallons per hour instead of miles per gallon. So the size of charter plane you’ll be flying in, how many are traveling with you, your luggage and the distance will cause the costs to vary. Keep in mind all of these considerations when weighing the price to charter a private airplane vs the cost of flying commercial.

Villiers Private Jet Charter

The cost to charter a private plane

Again, the cost to charter a private plane is going to vary. A round trip cost from the Midwest to Florida will run about $20,000. Savvy shoppers can likely find cheaper options, especially since we quoted an 8 seat plane just now compared to a smaller aircraft. Use AeroController™ to book your next charter flight

Looking for a place to plan your next charter flight? Then you’ve come to the right place. Villiers Jet's can get you some availability and pricing.

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