Here we will take a look at the best aviation jobs for 2020 and 2021. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on the aviation industry. Airlines are announcing job cuts because of the pandemic. Despite this there are still some very good jobs available in the aviation industry today and this is very likely to be the case going into 2021.

Some of the positions we will discuss are some of the highest paying aviation jobs. A lot of jobs in the aviation industry pay well and you can see a number of aviation jobs currently available here. Also as mentioned in our earlier blog post here's a list of some of the Best Aviation Jobs Websites today.

List of Best Aviation Jobs For 2020, 2021 And Covid-19


The impact of Covid-19 is likely to mean that there will be more competition for the best aviation careers. So if you find a position that you want to apply for then you will need to bring your "A game" to land it. You need to have a positive mindset and not be swayed by all of the doom and gloom that surrounds the coronavirus pandemic.

Things will gradually get back to some kind of normality after the Covid-19 pandemic. People will want to travel by air again and there will be even more opportunities available. So always have a positive outlook when you are looking for the best aviation jobs.

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Aircraft Engineer Jobs

There are usually always a lot of aviation engineering jobs available. Take a look here to see evidence of this. The demand for aeronautics engineers will always be in demand as long as there are airplanes in the sky. In fact, it would not be a surprise to see the demand for these positions increasing even with the coronavirus pandemic.

Aircraft engineers are highly respected and some of the highest paid aircraft mechanics earn very good money. It is an essential profession as the safety of all onboard an aircraft is paramount at all times. The position of aeronautic engineer is usually demanding but also satisfying. You will make a significant contribution towards air travel safety.

Right now there is a shortage of qualified aircraft engineers in the United States. There are all kinds of aviation engineering jobs available from working directly on an aircraft and keeping it maintained in optimum condition to design and research jobs.

Some aeronautical engineers travel the world with their jobs which is another benefit to consider. So if you have experience as an aircraft engineer you should find plenty of positions that will interest you right now. It is a challenging and rewarding job that usually pays very well.

Aircraft Pilot Jobs

There are still a number of pilot jobs available in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic. You can see a great selection of pilot vacancies here. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to train to be a pilot and it is a job that will always be in demand. Some of the highest paying aviation jobs are pilot positions.

There are all kinds of pilot positions available and these include:

  • Commercial airline pilot
  • Helicopter pilot
  • Small plane pilot
  • Flight instructor

Commercial airline pilots usually earn 6 figures a year and even pilots for helicopters and small aircraft earn very good money. There is more competition now for the best paying pilot jobs but if you have got what it takes and the necessary qualifications then you should be fine.

Pilots that work in the commercial world normally receive a good benefits package as well as a high salary. This normally includes a good retirement plan, health insurance and quite often dental and vision insurance too.

Most pilots will have a lot of downtime between their flights which can be around 14 days out of each month. You can use this time to pursue leisure activities, spend quality time with your family or even develop other business interests.

Of course you will travel a lot as a pilot and see parts of the world that most do not have the opportunity to see. Even traveling to other cities across the United States can be very rewarding as you can discover different places. Often pilots get free travel for themselves and their families and it is not uncommon for this to extend into retirement.

Aircraft Pilot Jobs

Avionics Technician Jobs

As an avionics technician you will be responsible for the installation and maintenance of aircraft. This can be helicopters or fixed wing planes. Your responsibilities include ensuring that aircraft components are working properly are clean and in a good state of repair. There are a number of avionics technician jobs available here.

The work of an avionics technician is highly skilled. Aircraft are complex and you need to ensure that they are within extreme tolerances. A number of avionics technicians perform inspections in line with guidelines from the FAA and make any necessary adjustments and repairs to ensure that aircraft are compliant.

These days many aircraft have avionics electronic systems and a competent avionics technician will ensure that the computers which control everything are working correctly. Avionics systems are complex and include engine control, flight controls and essential functions such as radio and navigation.

You will normally work in aircraft hangers or repair stations as an avionics technician. It can be a high pressure job as airlines want to stick to demanding schedules so that they do not cause their passengers any inconvenience. Around the clock shifts are a common thing for avionics technicians rather than set hours. The pay is generally good for this job.

Flight Attendant Jobs

Although flight attendant positions have been some of the worst hit during the coronavirus pandemic opportunities still exist for flight attendant jobs. Check out this page to see what flight attendant jobs are currently available. There are going to be less positions available for flight attendants during the pandemic but it is still possible to get a good job.

These days flight attendants have to know what to do in an emergency situation. They are trained to respond to medical emergencies during flights as well as full scale evacuations of aircraft. Flight attendants need to be aware of FAA regulations, have a good understanding of geography and know the different airport codes.

Some flight attendant jobs pay very well. Salaries can range from around $40,000 to $80,000 a year in the United States. Not only is the pay usually very good but as a flight attendant you have the opportunity to fly to many destinations across the world. With downtime available between flights you have the chance to explore and have fun.

Other perks of being a flight attendant include concessions on travel. Some flight attendants are able to enjoy very low cost travel and even free travel in some cases. You will work a schedule that is very flexible and usually work for 3 days and then have downtime to do whatever you choose to do.

Flight Nurse Jobs and Flight Paramedic Jobs

Having a job as a flight nurse can be very rewarding. The annual salary is often around $70,000 and it is satisfying to know that passengers on an aircraft rely on your skill and judgment to overcome any medical problems. You can see a number of flight nurse jobs and flight paramedic jobs here.

Flight nurse positions can take a number of different forms. You may find yourself alone taking care of patients that are being air transported to hospitals and emergency centers. This is often done by helicopter but can include jets and propeller planes as well. Sometimes you will be a key player in a small emergency medical unit.

As a flight nurse you can literally save lives. You actions in the air can mean the difference between life and death. It can be very challenging and stressful as you will often need to make decisions very quickly for the benefit of the patient. The pressure on a flight nurse can be intense but it is a very satisfying career.

The demand is increasing for flight paramedic nurses now since the Covid-19 outbreak. People that have to fly are usually concerned about the threat of the coronavirus and a flight paramedic nurse plays a very important role here.

Aircraft Painter Jobs

Did you know that the average salary of an aircraft painter in the United States is around $40,000 a year? This is because the job of an aircraft painter is a very important one. When an aircraft is in flight it is subject to extreme air pressures, temperatures and weather extremes. This takes a significant toll on the paintwork of the aircraft.

If you have an aircraft painter job then you will be responsible for the preparation for painting and then the application of primers. Finally you will add the top layers of paint that make the aircraft look beautiful and provide the protection that it needs when it is in flight contending with the elements.

Another part of your job will be the assessment of the bodywork of the aircraft. You will look for any superficial damage or corrosion that need immediate repairs. In most cases an aircraft painter will make the repairs to the bodywork using special materials including sealants and fiberglass.

When you work as an aircraft painter you will have to overcome challenges to your health. Using primers and paints will expose you to a number of toxins so it is essential that you take all of the necessary precautions. It is a very satisfying job as you know that you are protecting the aircraft and ultimately the passengers and crew inside it.

There are usually several aircraft painter jobs available. You will see some great opportunities here.

IT and Software Engineer Jobs in the Aviation Industry

These days, computers and software figure more in the aviation industry than they ever did before. There is a growing demand for skilled IT people and software engineers to take care of existing systems and develop new ones for the industry. You can see some of these aviation IT jobs and software engineer jobs here.

A lot of the major commercial airlines are always on the lookout for skilled IT people and good software engineers. They have many systems that need taking care of both on the ground and in their aircraft. Just as good IT and software developers are highly paid in other industries, so they are in the aviation industry.

The need for highly skilled software and IT engineers is always going to be there in aviation. Airlines are relying on computerization more and more and this will only grow in the future. The aviation industry is always looking for the following roles:

  • Computer scientists
  • Data analysts
  • Individuals with SQL skills and experience
  • Software developers

Depending on your skill and experience levels you can earn up to 6 figures a year as a software and IT engineer. At the lower end you can expect to earn at least $60,000 per year.

Aviation Administration Jobs

As with most huge industries, the aviation industry requires a lot of administrative personnel to keep it going 24/7. There are several administration roles that you can consider in the aviation industry and these include:

  • Communication representatives
  • Compliance officers
  • Crew schedulers
  • Operations specialists
  • Flight concierge
  • Quality assurance
  • Logistics management
  • Data entry
  • Recruitment personnel
  • Administrative assistants

The aviation industry is well known for paying some of the highest salaries and some administration positions will be among the highest paying aviation jobs for this kind of work. You can see a number of aviation administration jobs currently available here.

Some aviation administration jobs require post holders to be highly qualified and have relative experience while others do not. The aviation industry is really great to work in and some administration positions provide people with the chance to make some good money and be part of an essential industry.

If you land a job with a large commercial airline then you are likely to receive a great benefits package as well as a good salary. This is probably going to include a good retirement program as well as health and life insurance.

Aviation Management Jobs

There are usually a lot of aviation management jobs available and you can see all of the current job openings here. The aviation industry needs good managers just as any other industry does to ensure optimal performance and determine strategy for the future direction of the industry.

There are numerous management roles in the aviation industry. At the top end there are senior positions on the board of airlines and at the lower end there is a need for good team leaders and supervisors that keep everything running like clockwork.

The amount of pay varies depending on the type of management position. If you land a management job with a commercial airline then you can expect to receive a very good rate of pay and a good benefits package as well. The type of job that you can get will rely on the experience, skills and qualifications that you have.

The type of aviation management positions available will almost certainly include:

  • Directors
  • Team leaders
  • Supervisory roles
  • Department managers
  • Safety managers
  • Inspectors
  • Project managers

So if you have a yearning to manage a busy airport or lead a team of aviation engineers then there are likely to be positions available. Aviation management jobs are usually very demanding and can be very stressful. Airlines work to tight deadlines and schedules and if you have an operational role then you will need to motivate your team to deliver.

Aircraft Interior and Upholstery Jobs

With new aircraft being built all of the time there is a need for specialists that can fit out interiors including upholstery. It is not only the building of new aircraft that requires these skills – older aircraft often need re-fits and maintenance work to bring the interiors up to scratch.

There are several different aircraft interior and upholstery positions usually available and these will likely include:

  • Interior installers
  • Cabinet makers
  • Cabinet finishers
  • Upholstery technicians and experts

You can find the latest aircraft interior and upholstery jobs here. If you have these skills then you will find that the pay and conditions in the aviation industry are better than most. There are likely to be other benefits from working for a major aircraft manufacturer as well such as life and health insurance.

There is usually strong demand for aircraft interior installers and upholstery specialists so you should be able to find a position that suits you in an area where you are happy to work. The work can be very physical and demanding and you will have to handle the tight deadlines imposed by your employer.

But being a aircraft interior installer or upholstery technician is a rewarding job. You will earn a good rate of pay and will be making a contribution to how customers perceive the airlines that they are paying to travel with.


It is certainly true that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the aviation industry. But that doesn’t mean that there are not good jobs available. You can see here that there are many vacancies that require good people to fill them.

At AeroController we always have a good selection of the best aviation jobs available. Don’t let the pandemic put you off applying for these positions. The industry will always need good people. Be the best you can be and you will maximize your chances of success.

Take a look at the best aviation jobs available now. Also again, make your Resume and LinkedIn stand out to Employers and are optimized for their applicant tracking systems using services like and, both which offer Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writing Services.

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