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So, it’s TIME TO BUY your first (or perhaps second or third or fourth!) aircraft. You’ve decided on the kind you want and have a general budget in mind. The next question on your mind is probably something along the lines of “How do I find aircraft for sale?” Let’s answer that question by looking at four of the top aviation classified websites on the internet!

Aero Trader

Aero Trader is the first of the top aviation classified websites on our list today! We really like the design of their page and the ability to search specific categories directly from their homepage. Their website advertises almost 500 vehicles for sale including everything from antique aircraft to gyroplanes and more.

Another useful feature is that their website allows you to narrow your results to within a user-selectable search radius up to and including worldwide listings. You can visit their website here and be sure to check out their loan calculator while you’re there.


Next on our list of the top aviation classified websites on the internet is AVBuyer. As soon as you visit their website, you’re greeted with a scrolling list of aircraft for sale including everything from helicopters to unique aircraft such as decommissioned military aircraft.

AVBuyer has an interesting feature: the ability to set up custom alerts when an aircraft matching your specifications is listed. Although AVBuyer doesn’t list a dedicated parts section, they do offer quite a few categories in their services directory. You can visit their website here.


Third on our list of the top aviation classified websites is Trade-A-Plane. A unique feature of their website is their Real Estate section. They have well over a hundred homes listed, each of which has a dedicated spot for aviation vehicles. You can even search by key categories including waterfront listings, hangars for sale, or vacant land for sale ideal for putting in your own aircraft pad.

Trade-A-Plane also offers a parts category with a different twist: they have a dedicated engine category in their menu.


Last but not least, we want to highlight some of the options we have for our customers here on the AeroController website. Our primary category is our Aircraft for Sale listings. At any given time, there are almost a thousand vehicles for sale, ranging from Eurocopters to hundreds of Cessna’s and more! As an added benefit, we have over 10,000 visitors per month checking out these listings.

In addition, we also offer the option to list Aircraft Parts for Sale as well as an Aviation Services Directory. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we even have an Aircraft, Parts, & Services Wanted section as well as Aviation Jobs listings on our website! 

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Did you know that we also offer the first 90 days free for first time customers? Visit our aviation classified ads to see other aircraft for sale. To learn more and get started, head to THIS PAGE on our website!

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