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Written by Aero Controller   
Saturday, 26 July 2008 21:46

Charter brokers can bring quite a lot to the overall chartering experience. Brokers who also operate their own fleet have an advantage over other brokers in cost savings and industry experience. Aerocontroller.com partnership with National Air Charters, Inc. allows our customers to benefit from the expertise of a licensed 135 operator who can also broker out flights to other pre qualified aviation operators. National Air Charters will source the correct aircraft or helicopters that will best suited to your journey, schedule and budget.

A broker can also seek out the best rates and normally earns his commission from the aircraft operator, not you. Bigger brokers like National Air Charters, Inc. will also have better contingency plans in place for their clients in the event of changing schedules. What happens if a thunderstorm is forecast over the airfield that you are supposed to land at? Alternative transport will be required and good brokers are accustomed to dealing with these issues. All Charter Operators Brokered through National Air Charters, Inc. undergo a thorough inspection process. National Air Charters will always ensure that Operators are licensed and are in good standing with the FAA as well as making sure that they are properly insured with an excellent safety record.

Brokers are also useful in handling the details of the trip planning when you don't have time to do so yourself. The broker will analyze aspects of the trip and when appropriate obtain copies of flight certificates, literature about the aircraft to be used, as well as putting in place backup aircraft if deemed appropriate. In addition, the broker will usually review the operator's flight manifests for FBO’s, mileage enroute, anticipated departure and arrival times. Our 24hr Concierge Service will handle any accommodations or special needs that you may have for your trip. In short, the broker is representing your interests. By ensuring s/he has the information to work with, your journey, and that of your passengers, will be an enjoyable one.

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