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Written by David McCartney   
Wednesday, 16 March 2011 01:11

The Internet has revolutionized every single industry on the face on the world. Yet it seems as though the marketing and sales of aircraft has yet to fully been transformed by this “novel” invention. The fact of the matter is aviation as a whole is loosing out because of the industry’s stubbornness to migrate.

Everyone in the industry is aware of two large print publications, which circulate and advertise a myriad of aircraft. Every month thousands upon thousands of dollars are spent by aviation based companies to market their products and services in such publications. However, are these dollars spent worthwhile to the firms? I’ll be the first one to admit that I will pick up the latest, free copy of one of these publications to thumb through whilst paying my tributes to the engineers at Kohler or Bemis. Perhaps I will bring a copy a long to amuse myself while taking a dreaded commercial flight because my aircraft is down for maintenance, etc. I can’t tell you the amount of listing publications I pull out of my flight bag or attaché on a yearly basis. However, when I seriously am in search of an aircraft for either myself or one of my clients these print publications are simply the last place I care to search. The first place my colleagues (who range from mid-20’s to late-80’s) and I go is straight to the Internet. I can enter specific search parameters, such as year and model, or even specify keywords including GPS or autopilot manufactures. I’m able to view pictures and perhaps videos of the aircraft and see the latest times on the engines and airframes. I can get a feel for the entire market for a particular aircraft model within a few clicks of my mouse and best serve my client. This speed is so critically important when searching for a particular aircraft that may be rare and have a short turn-around time on the market. Everyone in the business knows that timing is key. In order to make a smooth transaction you have to have the right buyer, the right seller, and the right aircraft. These are three variables, which, believe it or not, are hard to make co-exist. Having instant access to the latest listings online makes one part of the job so much more efficient for all parties.

Next time you decide to list your companies inventory I urge you to look at how your advertising dollars are spent. Why are you paying vast fortunes to have your aircraft lost in a sea of advertisements? Print publications, no matter the size, are costly and expensive ventures by nature. Look for listing agencies that focus their attention on the Internet and are able to save you both time and money by not supporting print publications and instead supporting your best interests while maintain the same, if not greater, level of exposure.

What you will find is nothing short than a marketing and budget miracle.


Written By: David McCartney

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