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AeroController™ understands the apprehensions people have about privacy and safety while using the Internet. The following will explains what information is gathered from visitors and how that information is utilized. AeroController™ takes many steps to protect your privacy.

AeroController™ collects information from public information sources and visitors voluntary site registration. Both public domain information and voluntary submission of information are used to offer the best most current information possible. When purchasing products or completing online applications through the voluntary acceptance of cookies. AeroController™ will not collect information from you if you do not want us to collect it. AeroController™ uses cookies (small pieces of code delivered to visitors' systems) to learn more about the how people utilize our site. Cookies only allow us to tell what type of browsers our audience uses on our site. Cookies will helps us to design our site so that everyone can have right of entry to public information only. We also find out what parts of the site get viewed more than others to help market more effectively for you.

When people purchase issues or subscriptions at our site, it's important that the information they enter is secure. That's why we use Authorize.net and PayPal to offer you the best options in secure online transactions. We are observant and vigilant about protecting our site from unwanted corruptions. We respect your desire for privacy and fervently protect the information that you give us. Your information is safe with AeroController™! Please contact us anytime with additional questions, comments or concerns.